Welcome Letter from Mr. Doug.

Welcome everyone!

I thought I’d throw a quick note together to let everyone know how this place is going to work. It’s still brand-new, and there are LOTS of things that are going to be changing in short order. I wanted to give a glimpse of things to come before I got too many questions.

This site is all about the flat-stick. Every aspect of putting that you can imagine is going to be up for debate. The putter is a pretty subjective thing, so it’s tough to give a review, but I’ll try to be fair and un-biased. I’m going to review a lot of putters that you know, a lot you don’t know, and a lot of other ancillary things that you’ve never thought about. If there’s a gadget out there that deals with putting, we’ll talk about it here.

If I review a Ball, it’s not going to be a normal review…it’s going entail tearing the thing apart to see what makes it tick…all to save putts.

When we review a putter, we get into the material, milling pattern, feel, grip, and everything else that makes it work. We’ll take our OWN pictures of everything we do, so you know that it was actually used, and not just reviewed from a packet we got.

We’re going to talk to people in the know. If I can get the Great-Great-Great Grandson of the Scotsman that invented the putter on the phone, I’m going to.

Every manufacturer is going to be represented equally. We’re not playing favorites, and won’t bow to advertisers that don’t agree with our assessment of their product. We’ve got plenty of places to buy a putter on our own, and if they don’t provide one, we’ll just go buy one.

We’ll be showing high-speed videos of exactly HOW a putt is effected by a different stroke, stance, and alignment.

Lastly, we’re going to build a community that can share ideas with each other about putters. Think of it as a giant clubhouse to a course, that just has 18 putting greens.

So help yourself to this ‘preview release’ of Putter Talk. We’ve got a few reviews here now, and have plenty on the way. The community will be up sometime in the first week of January, and expect the Classifieds section shortly thereafter.

I hope you all are as excited about this as I am. I think it’s going to be a great year…the year of the putter!

-Mr. Doug

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