Way back when…

There was a time when a couple of guys were in a bar in Scotland discussing golf clubs. Not like we do today…they were inventing them. Nobody knows how the discussions went for sure. The lack of record could be the result of little foresight, or the 5th of Scotch that they were busy consuming…so we’ll just have to imagine that part of the story. The putter may not have been invented at that very point, but we’re going to try to put the pieces together from that point on.

Wikipedia’s pitiful entry for “Putter” reveals the following…


Putters come in a variety of head shapes and have a very low loft and often a short shaft. They are used to play the ball on the green, but may occasionally be useful for playing some approach shots on courses with tightly mown fringe and fairways.

Wow…loads of info there. Let’s see if we can get a little deeper! The whole point of PutterTalk.com is to put the putter FIRST. The Driver gets most of the attention, and our goal is to reverse that. You use a driver on some holes, and (should) only use it once. Every once in a while, one of us gets lucky enough to not need to bring the putter out of the bag, but the rest of use use it on every-single hole…sometimes 4-5 times!

With all the advancements in Drivers, Irons and Wedges, it’s time to look at the flat-stick. There are parts of the putter that haven’t changed a bit in 100+ years. There are other parts that change yearly. The truth of it all is that any putter from ANY era can still be used. They are passed down from generation to generation. They are loved, and hated…but never forgotten.

So with this site, I vow that we’ll get as much of the Putter’s history together as possible…and maybe try to get some of the glory away from it’s neighbors.

-Mr. Doug

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