Tiger Shark Putters

Tiger Shark wants you to take them seriously. Why not you say? I mean they have a wide variety of putters, a great alignment system, cast putters, milled putters, adjustable weight putters, it just seems they have everything. What is the price for all of this you ask – $59.99. Wait where are you going? Come back here.

In a world where putters go for thousands of dollars it’s hard to take a price point like 60 bucks seriously, well Tiger shark wants you to try. We weren’t going to review the putter or even go to the booth but one of their reps stopped us in the halls and pleated with us to visit. So we did, and we have to say were pleasantly surprised. For the guy out there that should spend more on lessons and less on clubs this makes a good flat stick.

We’ll have a full review later but for now some details. Tiger Shark has 3 levels of putters: Great White ($59), Green Speed ($79), and Optix ($149), represented by the colors yellow, green, and orange respectively. All feature their oversized grips and custom head cover that can include different weights or ball markers. Visit www.tigersharkgolf.com for more details.








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