PutterTalk…back to basics.

About 18months ago, I had grand ideas for what I wanted to do with PutterTalk, and our new (at the time) acquisition of GolfOpinions.

Ideas flew. Code was written. Best intentions were laid out.

The result? A great looking site that even our best developers weren’t entirely sure how to properly operate. Our rankings on Google went from 1st-page, to somewhere past what a normal person would click to. Did I care? Absolutely. Did I have the time to dedicate to it? Not at all. My other company was taking off, and I had investors that would be (understandably) upset if I was dedicating time to the “hobby site” instead of the company they’d all just invested millions in. “Sorry PutterTalk.com….you’ll need to wait.”

So here I am…more than a year later, and I’m doing the update that I intended for August 2008. We’re getting back to doing what we always did best…reviewing putters. It’ll look a little strange around here as we get the themes put back into place, and have features that we had in the past, added back in…but we’ll get the old-girl fixed back up in no time.

This time with reviews, I’m not going it alone. I’m going to be taking reviews and pics from our outstanding community of members that honestly care about putters. We’ll be tapped into other networks and showcasing some of the latest putters on the market. In short…it’s going to be fun around here again.

So with apologies for letting her get dusty, I’d like to re-introduce PutterTalk.com.

-Mr. Doug

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