PutterSwap.com is now FREE!

You read that correctly. After an initial beta period, we’ve all decided that PutterSwap.com should be a free service available to any/all PutterTalk.com members. We’ve done away with the “Featured” and “Category” listing options, and simplified the site dramaticly.

Now, you’ll see 8 random putters/accessories on the home page, and only have the option to make your listing Bold for 1 Credit, or show the Gallery picture for 2 Credits. Pretty simple, eh?

We’re also making pictures manditory. This was one of our biggest requests, and we feel that with digital cameras available for under $25, there is no excuse for not having them. If we loose some potential sellers because of this, so be it. We feel that the buyers will appreciate the service more if it is known to be a quality service.

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