Kevin Burns Kustomized

Well this is certainly one of the more innovative ideas I’ve seen here at the show. Kevin Burns has spent the past three years designing his system for ordering customized putters, and I have to say it’s pretty cool. Kevin has designed every aspect of not only the putters, but the software and the actually fitting station.

The idea is that a pro shop would have one of his fitting stations and help the customer with the right fit and design. First the customer chooses the look of the putter. There are a 6 different heads to choose from. (3 heads in either right or left handed) Then the customer picks whether or not they want a sight dot or line. Want two lines, no problem. Want all three, why not. You can have a name stamped on the face, and even choose the colors for all these items.

After you have selected all that the really cool part starts. An image of that very putter is placed on the “virtual putter” screen. This screen lies on the floor underneath a mounted grip, and even adjusts the look of the putter depending on the angle I am holding the grip at. The grip is mounted to a measuring device for the fitting. Kevin has me grab the grip and take the stance that is comfortable for me. He has me do this three times and then shows me the average. I get the lie, height and weight for my putter. (see the picture for my stats) All the putters are milled one piece heads. An insert can be added and reduces the noise by 50% according to Kevin.

If this were an actual fitting in 10 or so days I would receive my new totally custom putter. Kevin is launching his product at this show and we are very excited for him. Some additional stats are below.

Lie angle is from 80-63 degrees, head weight is from 310-360 grams. Retail will be around $599-$649. Retailers will be posted on their website when available.







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