Author Topic: Just popping in to say cheers...  (Read 199 times)


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Just popping in to say cheers...
« on: August 13, 2018, 03:19:12 PM »
From the time I joined this board until now things have really changed. While I used to look in several times a day, it is more like every other day now. Why? Because so many members have become silent, are gone (apparently), gave up the game perhaps, or for some other reason decided it was time to move on.

I am going to continue to peek in every so often, but too many times there is nothing but an item for sale or swap listed, and nothing much else to read, comment on, or in any other way respond. That is sad... this place used to be so much more than simply a place to list your putter at...

So, cheers. Best to you all!
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