Author Topic: Andy Sullivan's PING armour plated headcover - AKA ............. The Vault !!!  (Read 835 times)


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THE VAULT............

Get a load of this mad crazy piece, when its in the bag it really looks like it is made of metal.

Its hard to tell from the images but the material is covered with hundreds of raised lumps which create an amazing armour plated look and feel.  The texture of this cover pushes embroidery to its very limit and I think we nailed it. 

I cant use the PING branding but if anybody wants one of these things then drop me a line.

Would love some feedback on this one.
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Love it!!

Great looking cover.



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Would look great in my Ping staff bag Scott - sure you can't do it with the Branding... ;)

Nice to see you got to meet up with some of your customers at Wentworth too - nice selfies on Instagram - never knew Ben An was so tall?! :o
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He is a big lad, when you get right next to the players its amazing how tiny most of them are.

That said they all gun it miles down the range !! usually with a one yard fade