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Friends 40th Birthday….Scotland Trip
« on: March 14, 2016, 08:45:43 PM »
So I hqve completed all my planning to make my friend's 40th birthday special. We were planning to go to California when he mentioned he really wanted to go to Scotland and play the Old Course. I have planned the following 10day trip. We are a threesome the first 5 days and a different foursome for the last 5 days.

We are playing

Day 1 Cruden BAy after a night stay in Abderdeen.
Day 2 Drive to St Andrew's where we rented a house and play Kingsbarn
Day 3 North Berwick
Day 4 Open to try a walk on St Andrew's
Day 5  rest sightseeing in Edinburough, pick up second group
Day 6  Carnoustie
Day 7  Muirfield morning, Gullane #1 afternoon
Day 8 Castle morning, Old Course afternoon
Day 9 Kingsbarn
Day 10 Fly Home.

Looking for 3 nights of really good food From day 6 to 10. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Any price point welcome as it is a 10 day celebration and once in a lifetime trip.

Lastly for those of you who have played in May, can I ask what gear.. clothing wise is essential, Other than a good rain suit. I have read varying opinions on layering etc. Can I get away with a thermal undershirt, long sleeve shirt or Golf shirt with either a windstopper jacket (non rain days), Goretex jacket ( for heavy downpour) and a heavy golf pullover ( for sunny days with little wind or full sun). Newbie here. Any Help is greatly appreciated


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Re: Friends 40th Birthday….Scotland Trip
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Give some thought to gloves that are good to keep your hands both warm and dry... having never played in Scotland in May, I can only guess.

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Re: Friends 40th Birthday….Scotland Trip
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2016, 11:19:04 AM »
Well it could be great or it could be terrible weather. May tends to reasonably mild for these parts - I live in Aberdeen now, although brought up in Liverpool. All I can say is pack for changeable weather - you might need all the layers or you might just need the shirt! It was shirt sleeve weather here on Sunday and Monday and today it's a full three layers again! Average temps max temps are about 12°C in May, and you can probably expect it to rain at some point on 3-5 days of the trip.

Can I ask where you are staying from day 3-9 as the courses aren't very close together? Do you have a bus and driver or are you hiring cars here? St Andrews to Berwick is a 2 hour drive, possibly more if you are heading over the bridge in rush hour to get to Muirfield for the visitors times in the morning. You'll be knackered after days 7 & 8 - can I suggest if funds allow that you take caddies for those 72 holes?

Rather than playing Kingsbarns twice - have you thought about playing the New or Jubilee on Day 2? Will save you a wad of cash and the New is possibly the best course in and around St Andrews - maybe it doesn't have the WOW factor of Kingsbarns but it is a very good golf course and would undoubtedly host tournaments if it didn't have TOC as a slightly older sibling.

The Old course hotel has a top restaurant, and there is a nice restaurant we tend to eat in when we go there called the Dolls House (Andy Garcia was sat on the table next to us a few years back at the Dunhill Links). You need to have at least a drink in the Jigger Inn (or possibly a bar meal) - that's where all the Caddies go, and the Dunavan is also very popular.

If you let me know where you are staying in Aberdeen I'd be happy to suggest a nearby restaurant or two on different budgets.

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Re: Friends 40th Birthday….Scotland Trip
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2016, 11:47:25 AM »
Thanks for all the information.We decided to make our home base St Andrew's. We rented a 4 bedroom house right in town. We have rented a van that accommodates all the luggage and bags.

As there were two groups, both groups wanted to play Kingsbarns. The good thing is as I'm playing it twice the second round is half the cost of the first. We have caddies for every round, so we are all walking 5 miles a day from now till MAy to be walking ready. Everyone is splitting driving duties. I  understand that the traffic is heavy, but these guys did not want to jump hotel to hotel and preferred a home location with a max of 2 hour radius to play the most popular courses.

We won the old course lottery, so they gave us Castle as they mandate a second round, ideally we would have loved to play the new course. I have this as my back up course with group 1 on the Monday in case we don't win the 2 day ballot for the old course.

As for Aberdeen we are staying at the Marriott at Overton Circle-Dyce . Aberdeen, Scotland AB21 7AZ United Kingdom . We will be there on Thursday, sleeping overnight and heading over to Cruden Bay Friday morning. depending we may head back after the round for a nice dinner. Thanks for all your help

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Re: Friends 40th Birthday….Scotland Trip
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One or the other of the New or Jubilee are rollup courses, I'd suggest making some enquiries, the Jubilee is the greatest test of your golfing abilities if the "breeze" gets up.

Clothing wise, start with a mostiture wicking base layer then, many thin, liteweight warth layers, finish with windproof or waterproof as required.  Do not ignor your legs or heads, its unbelievible how fast a 5 club "breeze" can chill you to the bone.

Fish'n'chips at Cromars Friday late afternoon, don't go Friday night as they shut as soon as they've sold out.

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