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THAT putter.
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I'm sure all of us have had a great experience where they first fell in love with high end putters.  For me, that experience happened when I was in middle school and I walked into a local 2nd Swing.  I had just picked up the game and it was kind of a 'spur of the moment' trip to the store. 

I had no idea what was heads or tails and just wandered into the putter section...I picked up several putters and putted while my parents looked at iron sets.  After struggling for awhile with different putters I just randomly picked one up and gave it a roll.  Instantly I was hooked.  The look, sound and feel of the putter was unreal.  I didn't know that there could be such a drastic difference between regular putters and something like this.  I quickly took it to the price scanner and ... well it rang up $500+. 

Years went by and I got into Scotty Camerons and other putter makers - but I never forgot that first putter that 'turned me onto putters'.  Well - after a good while, I finally came across it.  A Bobby Grace KBI-96 - HSM.  Another collector had it and was willing to part with it (for significantly less than $500). 

While my tastes in feel have changed - this putter is one that will always remain in my collection - the first putter that made me go "wow". 
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Re: THAT putter.
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Awesome Story,

Thanks for sharing!

Take some pics if you can
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Re: THAT putter.
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Teke... I recently purchased a putter at my local (if an hour and 10 minute drive can be called local) Play It Again Sports in Asheville, NC. It cost me about $20 and when I initially picked it up, it was just a curiosity reach.

This stick is an early model, a little research (here and elsewhere) has brought me to the conclusion that I have a little gem in my hands.

It has been completely milled from carbon steel, has a sweet midnight blue/black plating that I am not sure is oxide or what it is, has a flow neck and a very simple site dot. The cavity reminds me of some Mills and Tad Moore pieces, it is completely milled (with marks here and there) and it putts like a sweet dream. It has a full shaft offset and looks a bit like the TM3.


I picked up an nearly mint Ray Cook Blue Goose ll, complete with sitting goose on the toe. The underside says Ray Cook BGll in a small font and everything I find about it tells me that it was circa to the late 80's and perhaps one of Cameron's first efforts, although it would appear that it is likely a collaborative effort. This thing is similar to other designs (as noted) and reminds me also of one of the "Reason" named line he did for Mizuno before he went solo and then on to his current gig with Titleist.

I don't bring Cameron's name up as the reason for the purchase, that is just some of the history that appears to be attached to it... I mention it as this bad little stick is just as sweet as it can be. From address it looks like the flange is missing, to give you an idea of the thin profile, it probably comes in at 310-320 (my guess) and ifit didn't have a couple of little dings in the top line (can't see really at address) it would be 9.5/10.

I have several putters and the story behind many of my sticks have as much value (to me) as the putters themselves. This is one of them I believe.

It is a beautiful blast from the past that I am pleased to own now.
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Re: THAT putter.
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Those putters are really nice - I do believe that Cameron was working for Ray at the time they were made.  I've rolled them before and they feel great.  Hard to find them in good condition though because of the finish!  Nice pick up! 
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