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Bobby Grace Invitational at Black Diamond
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 had the pleasure of participating at the Bobby Grace Invitational at Black Diamond CC  this last weekend in Florida. We were  2 couples joining the other players and staff, we  had a  great time.
Black Diamond is one heck of a course and the greens are lightening fast.  Bobby Grace was present and made certain people were fit correctly and got the putters of their choice.
I picked an Amg 26 , new for 2013.   I feel I missed only a couple putts that I  really wanted to make all day. His putters have a Radial Rebound Insert that is responsive to say the least.  You can also miss the sweet spot by a mile and the ball rolls out, amazing. Lots of feel and, very soft.  I can't express it enough. There really is nothing out there similar.  The Woman's US Open Champion played with one last year and it's clear  he's making his best putters to date.   
 f you have fast greens on the tracks you play, check out a Grace.

So at Black Diamond,
Prizes were wonderful.  $ 2200 per foursome Included your choice of putters, a  putting Event,  closest to the pins, (Great Prizes)  and a Shotgun tournament. Again, generous prizes,  great food , interesting company, open bar....  Keep your eyes open for the next event.  Oh yea, Great putters as well.
I now have 6 Grace putters including the one Price won the British Open with, the Softie...

In the mean time, go roll a Grace    ::)  you'll thank the man above.

Many thanks , we  had a great time !!
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