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Bobby Grace 6330 in Hand Pics
« on: January 13, 2012, 08:38:07 AM »
I typically buy and sell 5-10 putters a year probably and every once in a while I'm actually impressed enough to make a post on the forums to let my fellow putter-aholics in on a putter that I think is special.  I've owned putters from pretty much all the major and boutique putter makers but have always held a soft spot for nicely done 8802/geo low wizard heel shafted blade type putters.  As you probably know, many putter artisans have commented on the difficulty on getting the look, flow of the neck, etc right on this style of putter and for me, i usually know as soon as I put one behind a ball whether I like the look or not.

For my taste, the Grace 6330 has a classic clean look I prefer, w/ a beefier flange, and some Technology that enhances the design w/o distracting from the old school blade stylings.  You can get this putter with the new AMG insert that has the new MMR groove tech, but In my experience, I never really liked the feel of inserts and preferred the feedback of a milled steel face so when I emailed to see if any non insert putters were available, i was pleased to find out i could get the putter w/ the radial grooved face in aluminum.  As I'm sure a lot of you know, Aluminum has a great feel and has been used in a lot of inserts for putters while having a very soft feel with nice feedback.  Also...usually weights on a putter turn me off, but they are tastefully done on this putter and you can vary the weight of the head from 340-370g which is pretty cool if you want to play w/ your swing weight some to see what works best for your stroke.

Anyways...its winter time here in Michigan, so this putter is only seeing time on my Big Moss putting green in the basement, but really like the way the ball comes off the face of this putter....just tumbling right off the face.  Seems to keep its line really well and can't wait to get to FL for vacation to give this putter some time on grass.  From my early review, I actually like this design as much as my favorite Bettinardi DASS BB2 which has been my favorite 8802 for a long time.


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Re: Bobby Grace 6330 in Hand Pics
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A putter doesn't get much cleaner than that.
I would be interested if Mr. Grace would design an insert-less putter but with his new groove tech.