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Byron Putter Test Panel Terms and Conditions for 2010
- Maximum test panel size is 8, and preference will be given to Club Byron members.                                       
- Each tester will have up to one (1) week with the putter.                                             
- The participation fee is $21.00 per tester, per putter.  The fee covers the cost to self-insure the test program.                                   
By signing up and remitting your participation fee you agree to the following:
1) The test putter is the personal property of David Levasseur (nvgolfdude).                           
2) To take good care of the putter.  In the event that the putter is damaged, contact immediately.
3) To ship the putter in a timely and secure manner and in its original packaging via USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx to the next recipient and to insure the shipment for $300.
4) To post some feedback on your experience with the test putter.  It can be a review, a comparison (we love this), or just your own rambling musings.
The last person on the test panel will return the putter to me.  If required, the putter will be sent to Byron for a refinish.  The testers will have the opportunity to purchase the test putter at the end for $275.  A drawing will be conducting to determine who gets the first opportunity to purchase the test putter.                                   
Once a test panel member has posted his/her review on PutterTalk they  are eligible for a 10% discount on the purchase of any new Byron putter through either Dave or Steve.
That's it.  Now have some fun!
- We will establish the order that the putters will go through the test panels.                                         
- We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the test program at any time to ensure the success of the program.
Modified by nvgolfdude June 6, 2010 to reduce test panel fee from $25 to $21.
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