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Mr. Doug:
First post...

So this is Putter Talk.

I've still got a lot of work to do on the site, but I wanted to get the Community section up and running before I got to the point where I was just refining things for the sake of making them perfect. I've got everything close enough that I'm happy with things for the time being...I can go into 'tweak mode' now.

I've been wanting to do a site like The Cameron Collector for a while now, and I think the time is right. TCC turned out to be a GREAT community of people that collect Scotty Cameron putters, but what about everyone else? What about the history of the putter? What about all the OTHER stuff that has to do with putting? That's EXACTLY what Putter Talk is for.

You'll notice that there is no Classifieds section...that's for a reason. I've got something cooking in that'll have to trust me for a few days till I can get that part up and running...but it's not going to be in this Community section.

Take a few min and read the Reviews and News sections. There is some cool stuff coming down the pike in that department in/around the PGA Show in a few weeks. I plan on having 15-20 utter reviews in the next few weeks. There are LOTS of putters out there, and I want people to know all about them.

So get aquatinted, introduce yourself, and settle in...we're here for the long-haul.

-Mr. Doug

E Man:
2nd post... HAHA! This looks alot like some other place i've been! It's a perfect format. Congrats Doug on getting the new site up and running. I'm sure, especially with you behind  the wheel, great things are ahead!



Hello, have we met before?

Greetings 1 and all!


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