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Turtle Bay
« on: November 14, 2009, 08:50:00 PM »
Great to check off the list but WAY over rated and priced.  Played both the Palmer and Fazio course.  One hole on the water....seriously?!?  Save your money and play one of them, then hit the surf to check out the famous north shore, way worth it!


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Couldn't agree more.  I played there (the palmer course), HCC, Ko'Olina, Ko'olau, and Royal Kunia....and as far as total experience, I'd put it last.....HCC wasn't anything special either but I'm glad I played it and it was in great condition.  I liked Royal Kunia.  Ko'olina was amazing and the the location/views at Ko'olau made it one of the best golf experiences in my life.....absolutely stunning......and half the greens were just sanded and I still rank it near the top of all my golfing experiences.


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I think you need to play the Turtle Bay Palmer course at least once.  Hole 17 is ridiculously beautiful when you are standing on the green overlooking the ocean.  I love Ko'olina, this course is well taken care of and in a great location.  Last time I stayed right across from it and managed to get in 5 rounds there. If you are going to play it make sure you eat at Roy's above the pro shop.   Down the road in Kapolei is a great course.  I played it shortly after the champions tour event was held there.  The rough was very difficult to deal with, but that should be a little shorter when pro events are not being held there.  I will also say that this course had the truest greens that I have ever played.  I was making puts like crazy.  They are not flat and easy, but they just roll true. 

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