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Collection Threads
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Start your thread like this:

"Your Site Name"'s Collection

When you post photos you have to upload them using the Attach feature so that they are hosted on the PT servers. If you do not your post will be removed.

Threads in this section that are not titled like shown above will be removed and you will need to start over.

Have fun.


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Re: Collection Threads
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John, Not trying to start any trouble but my lord, is there a printable version of all of the rules ?

Morgan   ???


Re: Collection Threads
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Morgan, no need to address me as "my lord", John is fine.   lol

I am sure there is a page(s) somewhere that has rules that can be printed but most rules are pretty common sense. Also, it is common on the site for different sections that have different goals to have some special or specific rules. Sections like the classified section have specific rules for that section.

Lets look at what I posted above.

Some people wanted a subsection in the Cameron section to showcase their Cameron collections. The complaint was that if they posted in the regular Cameron section that the thread gets lost and people can not find their thread. The "rule" regarding the title of the thread is to facilitate the ability of people to immediately see whose collection the thread is about. Not an unusual requirement and it is pretty much the same requirement that was set up on the other Cameron site when Doug created that site.

The use of html code to show photos in a thread that are hosted on a third part server is a problem. I have explained why this is a problem too many times and requested people use the functions provided (Attach) to add photos to their posts. A couple of weeks ago I spend several days going through thousands of posts finding posts that had photos linked to other web sites (mostly phot0bucket) and copying those photos to my computer, editing the post and adding those photos to the post using the Attach function so they would FOREVER be viewable to the members.

Yesterday I spent another 4+ hours doing it again. Most of these were linked to imageshake. Many posts had no photos showing  because the photos had been removed from imageshake so members looking at those posts would now not be able to view the photos. Those posts were deleted.

I do not think it is asking too much to require members to upload any photo they want to show with their post to the PT servers so that members both now and in the future can read the post and see the photos.

If a member can not do these two simple things then they should not bother posting and should not complain when their post is removed. Frankly, it gets tiresome being forced to clean up posts made by those that either ignore what has been requested or have never bothered to read other sections of the site to see what is going on with the site.

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Re: Collection Threads
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Re: Collection Threads
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I agree!  We are all big boys in here :-)