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Ernie Els Callie Sledgehammers
« on: June 27, 2014, 12:04:04 PM »
Finished up the fittings for Ernie and his specs are in place with us as he will be on staff with us for a number of years.  He is going back and forth between a Callie Mid that is cut to his length and is counter-balanced with a Winn grip and another Callie in Black with the same swing-weight but a lighter head and grip.


Callie Mid:   400 gram head
Finish:         Tour White
Site aid:      Flangeline
Grip:           Winn 21 inch wrap
Length:      37
Loft:           2.5*
Lie:            71

Upon finishing his stash of putters, (He took 6 of them)  I took 4  got my stock in the shop and we leave a handful at HQ to use for other players or for Ernie if he wants to experiment with them.   I have rolled them at HQ and they feel great.  I have always preferred heavy putters and these have a great feel with the weight and what I believe to be the best technology in putters, the C Groove.

Pics to follow shortly.


Re: Ernie Els Callie Sledgehammers
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Pretty cool!  I take it you're working with Yes/Adams then? 
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