Author Topic: Ernies YES Tour Callie and Badds as well  (Read 2448 times)


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Ernies YES Tour Callie and Badds as well
« on: April 19, 2014, 10:58:05 AM »
Here is a callie that I cooked 17 times to get the finish to raw for a customer in OZ.  It came out really well.  I have been getting slammed with orders for Donna's, callies, Nicole's Amanda's and new 2014 stuff.  I will get some pictures of Ernies out to all.  It is a Callie white at 400 grams with flangeline.  More details to follow.  This one is similar to Badds current gamer but a bit shorter neck. 

The Donna Arm Locks are doing well also.  We have sent out 18 now to players who use the long wands to try as the rules change in the future.  All of the players are loving them but not too many can put them into play due to contracts they currently are under.  The design is new, a great modification for them and it fills a gap in the new rule on anchoring that makes it excellent!

More to come,  Marc, owner of Yourtourcollection.  Your exclusive YES! tour dealer, Piretti Tour and Limited, Never Compromise and Taylormade. ( the new Taylor Si series is wonderful btw)
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