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I never got a response to this email, only a copy back. I think the email system is acting funny:

Hello Mr. Clay Long,

First and Foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is James and my father has been a very avid collector of your clubs. Actually that is really the only reason I signed up on I was informed by a friend that I could get a hold of you on this forum. I am glad that I am able to email you. Hopefully I can dig up some information from you.

My father has an original set of Clay Long by Macgregor Personal Irons. All the serial numbers match on them and they are in great condition. I really have no idea how to price this item to sell the set on behalf of my father. Although with a little research I found out that a single 2 iron from a broken set is valued at $75 on the Tablerock Golf Pricelist. All the shaftbands are still intact and the serial numbers are #8F8H13. Like I said I'd like to sell these but I just don't know where to sell them other than ebay or craigslist. PLEASE email back to

Any information at all would be helpful, and references to potential buyers would be great too!

Thank You for your time and consideration,

I have little to no knowledge of golf clubs, but my father is just crazy about golf. And when I told my father that I was writing you an email, he about went to shock. He went on and on about how your a celebrity to him. And that I should be in awe. To sum it up he's a big fan!


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Maybe Mr. Long is not happy to hear that one of his "big fans" is looking to sell these irons, much less wants him to price them for him?   ;)

I can tell you that PT is not overly fond of newbies we've never heard of posting threads about stuff they want to sell.   >:(

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Re: Clay Long by Macgregor Personal Irons (PLEASE READ MR.CLAY LONG)
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I apologize if I am offending any members of PT in anyway by inquiring about these clubs. I am not a golf enthusiast what-so-ever. I actually am also a moderator on large forum, and I understand that newbies are not appreciated, especially when it comes to signing up for there own selfish needs of selling off there items. Obviously members that are passionate about the same topic of the forum are wanted and appreciated than those who are not, like myself. Unfortunately, my father had to quit golfing because of back problems.... we later found it that the underlying issue was not his back but digestive issues. He elderly and ill, and did not have the sense to get health insurance. Although he loves his collection he is having me sell off his clubs, to help pay for a portion of his medical fees. He demanded that we do this, even my brother and I are quite capable of helping him pay for his bills. I guess he feels as though he doesn't want to burden us with his problems. Sometimes the events in life require you to sacrifice the things you want for the the things you need(your health). With that being said I apologize for any problems I am causing to this thread, and I would still really appreciate it if someone could help me with these clubs. Because the I have 2 sets of Honmas and a set of these to sell, and I am DONE! And this set is one that I can get minimal information on.........



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James, I think I speak for everyone when I say we are all sorry to hear about your families medical hardships. Life can be cruel.

Contrary to how you interpreted John's (reflog74) post, Newbies are very much appreciated on PutterTalk. What is not appreciated and what John was making reference to is that we do not appreciate new members signing up just so they can have an outlet to try and sell items. PutterTalk has specific rules that prohibit this type of activity and those rules are rules that you agreed to abide by when you signed up for an account. Being a "moderator on a large forum" certainly you can understand how important rules are and how it is frustrating for moderators when people sign up with full knowledge of the rules and choose to completely ignore the rules and post inappropriately.

You posted an "apology" and then go on to let the members know that in addition to the items you originally posted about that you were trying to sell you also had additional items to sell. You have got to be kidding me. You basically just told those that run PutterTalk and the members to go screw themselves that you do not care what the rules are, you have good reasons for ignoring them and have no intention of following the rules.

Suggestion, if you and your brother have plenty of money to take care of your fathers medical bills and your fathers clubs mean so much to him, the two of you should "buy" your fathers clubs and just tell him that you sold them and give him the cash. If his health later improves you can let him know that his favorite clubs can be obtained if he wants them back.

You could also contact Table Rock Golf ( and talk to Jim Butler and find out what the clubs are worth in his opinion.

In the alternative, if you really want to sell your fathers clubs along with your personal clubs and you want the current market value for them, list them on eBay with no reserve. That will be the best way to get the actual market value for the clubs. It might not be the amount you want for them but it will reflect what legitimate buyers are willing to pay. But you know this already because you actively buy and sell golf items on ebay and have done so for years.

In the interim you account here is restricted from posting for 30 days until you get a chance to read the rules again and reflect on the reasons you want to participate on PutterTalk. If, upon your return, you again feel it necessary to completely ignore the rules your account will be restricted on a permanent basis.



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eBay auction: #300553521503

They are a great looking set of MB...


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they are a nice set of MB's indeed... guess he didn't get the price he was looking for. This is a little frustrating, with the internet you can reach all sorts of people. I generally try to exercise a little restraint, but occasionally I'll personally contact people I like or respect, but I won't ask them such a dumb question as to price their stuff so I can sell it and make money off them!! I'm sure if he would have responded, there would be a reference to the email on ebay and the price would be about 3 times more... weak sauce.