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The DH89 I just sold was perfectly face balanced.  It was a welded long pipe neck with a 69* lie angle.
I could make one out of a normal BL-9. Picture attached, not sure if that is the type of millout section you are looking for. It would be lighter. Heel to toe length is a hair over 3.75".
I have a long plumbers neck dh89, at byrons standard lie it will still have slight toe hang....i had mine bent about 4 degrees flat and it is face balanced now
Very cool looking.  Is there an address pic, what's the heel/toe length, can a pocket be added, and can we get it down to 330-340g?
Bruce's Corner / Re: Ball Roll Discussion
« Last post by bargolf on Today at 04:57:16 PM »
from my blog
BL-9 Mod Prototype with 3/4 head size and welded slant neck. Trying to decide on a finish color.
Kari Lajosi Putters / Re: Copper Bayzie-SB - with a difference
« Last post by KLP1264 on Today at 03:58:42 PM »
Well done

Rarel see necks like that - full hang or around 5:30?

Love the flow from shoulders to bumpers .

What is the length of that bayzie design?
It has around 5.30 toe hang and the blade length is 100mm

Strategy and Technique / Re: Why do I pull my putts
« Last post by bargolf on Today at 03:55:16 PM »
Hi GroundHog34

Welcome to the forum. Start with the premise that the only way for the ball to go right is because the face is pointed that way at impact. Obvious right?

Then ask yourself why?
Am I square to a path that goes right? Are you too close to the ball for your body type? Or visual requirement.
When does the putter shut?
On the take away? Does the face balance of the putter match the amount of arc in your stroke?
In the forward swing?Do I have a rotational issue through the ball?
Do I play the ball too far forward in my stance?
Do I have an aiming issue?

By asking why at every level and trying to find the answers you learn a little about your stroke with each phase. Eventually you know your tendencies and can avoid the problems.

Will the long plumbers neck make the DH89 face balanced.... I still need the offset?

To be sure, check with someone like Eddie on this one, but I have a 008X that is face balanced and it is fundamentally a DH89 with a hand bent shaft rather than a PN...

Jimbo 8)
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