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Shop Pics
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Since I started night school to learn milling and lathe skills I have been fascinated by small, accurate machinery. I make my putters with some of the smallest machinery possible and thought you guys might like a peak.
 My lathe is a jewelers lathe but came with a special order cross-slide and I altered the tailstock for more versatility.
It is small but cuts metal very nicely! I have two mills, the smaller one is a Taig that I pimped out with a larger motor and accepts larger cutters than an original Taig. My other mill is a Rusnock and is a highly prized small precision mill that is not made anymore. I have more pics of the Rusnock but they are on my other computer and I haven't had time to transfer them yet. Hope you enjoy.



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Thanks for sharing Ed, fascinating!
Tempe, AZ