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Gun trade finishes!
« on: December 11, 2014, 12:14:15 AM »
Hello.  I am intrigued by your mention of connection with the British gun trade, as I am an appreciator of British made shotguns, and appreciate the craftsmanship, styling and quality produced there.  I am also nuts for "case-hardened" finishes on many of the shotguns from those companies.  I would have to look up the info on formulations and techniques used to produce such a finish, but you are probably aware of it.  Would it be possible to make one of your putters with that finish?  I am new here - and definitely new to custom putters, so please forgive if this has already been answered in another post.  I want a putter to use - not hang on the wall.

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Re: Gun trade finishes!
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Not sure a "case hardened" putter is whats really required, it'll putt like a brick and feel awful.

Just my tupennies worth though.

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Re: Gun trade finishes!
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James does a variety of finishes on his putters. I have a customized one of his 12g models with a barrel black finish which is very good to look at and far more durable than standard gun blue. You can see mine in this thread

If you have a look in some of the other threads in both the James Ingles / Scratch sections I'm sure you can find a putter with a case hardened finish. It's certainly pretty distinctive, but wouldn't be my personal choice, and as Tony say's not sure what it would do to the feel...

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