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Goodwill Find
« on: September 27, 2017, 03:16:03 AM »
I was looking through the clubs at a Goodwill in Henderson, NV and found a wood head putter.  It looked to be in good shape so I decided to get it.  As I was standing in line, I noticed an inscription on the sole plate.  "Lehmann's Goddess Supreme  Custom Built for Jerry Lewis"

Hmmmmmm... :o

After I got it home, started some internet research.  Found that the putters were made by Ed Lehmann, who owned a shoe repair business in Atlantic, Iowa.  He started making putters in 1974, because he couldn't get the feel he wanted from a store-bought putter.

I was able to contact his daughter Barb, who helped him make the putters, and now runs the shoe repair shop.  They had made a total of 2500 putters, some of which were sent to celebrities such as Bob Hope, Dean Martin and Gerald Ford.  They would usually receive a letter of thanks, but never received anything from Mr. Lewis.

She added that this was one of 10 putters her dad made from ebony.  The head is in real good shape, grip is cracked with age.

I read that Jerry Lewis had quite an extensive collection of putters.  Wish I knew more of the story of how it got to the Goodwill bin.