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New Members - Those That Want Access To PT
« on: June 06, 2014, 07:59:22 AM »
Guys and Gals:

As you may or may not know from some of the other posts the past 6 months PT has a major problem with spammers. The site software is not set up in an ideal way that filters out obviously blatant spammers, bots, etc. There are now about 6,000 "pending" members and this is just the number since the last purge in late February, less than 4 months ago. Because of the time it takes to "vet" so many of the pending accounts it is impossible for for the Global Moderators to manually review all the "pending" requests for membership and manually remove the spammers and bots. Unfortunately this results in real people that are interested in joining the PT community to be left on the "porch" waiting for someone, anyone, to answer the door.

If you or anyone else knows of a specific person who is waiting just let one of us know; provide us with their email and user name that they used when they signed up for an account. We can then take the time to find that pending new member and approve them. I know this is a pain for everyone but there is no way the Global Moderators can resolve this at this time. Hopefully in the future the software will be changed so that this is no longer a problem or that a new system of asking to have an account set up will be initiated that makes it easier on everyone.

If you are a "guest" who wants to or has already gone through the "sign up" process and did not immediately get automatically approved, please do not wait for days to let someone know. If you know someone on this site, ask them to help by providing them with the email and user name you signed up with and ask them to send a PM to me or one of the other Global Moderators. We can then review the long list of pending accounts and approve their account. I know this sounds like PT is becoming a private invite only site but that is not the intent. We just do not want to have our membership exposed to 50 - 100 new spammers and bots each day. That would ruin most peoples visits to the site.



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Re: New Members - Those That Want Access To PT
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Thanks John.

If there are guests here who dont know anyone, feel free to write me an email. I have both my emails under my profile. I will make sure one of the Global Mods sees your application.

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Re: New Members - Those That Want Access To PT
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Thanks JR for all you guys do and for staying on top of the problem(s).


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Re: New Members - Those That Want Access To PT
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FYI.  Inappropriate post here in General Putter Talk titled New Protrude.